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The T*Bar takes the guesswork out of buying lingerie for her and helps you nail it!

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Our Own CTO Weighs In On Why Lingerie Matters

SEX! YES SEX!!! Let’s get it right on the table. Lingerie is made for celebrating sexuality, accenting the lines of a woman that define her edges and curves. And while it is objectification at some level, a framed work of art so to speak, is that really always a bad thing? While someone’s captivating personality may be the hook to lure you in, the body is frequently...
Adam aka Mr. T

Lighten Up Francis, It's Just Lingerie

Why do people get their panties in a wad at the topic of lingerie? I had issues with our signage at the old store due to the fact that the women were in bras. Mind you, they were also more covered than most people on a beach or in the local climbing gym, for that matter. Facebook recently started rejecting our ads due to suggestive content/nudity. Again, more...
Debby aka The TQween

I Love Men!
No, Really..

As long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by men. Growing up, I spent my weekends fishing or riding dirt bikes with my Dad and my brother. Every Summer at camp, I would hang out on the steps of the boys’ bunks each afternoon because my closest allies were there, not on the girls’ hill. Later, in college, I would find myself surrounded by the brothers...
Debby aka The TQween

Monthly Musings

Our favorite letter this month was from customer who took issue with our description of the MARLIES DEKKERS Gloria Pinstripe Padded Plunge Bra.

I have to quibble, just a bit, though – This set reminds me so much more of a grown up Kentucky straight bourbon, aged well, evolved from the workday bluster, but not completely. I was struck by how its low panty lines would work well under a pantsuit, but it also has a seductive allure that is all fun and weekend.

Either way, hope it is going well all around, and I am forever a fan of the T-Bar.

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